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The Mission and Philosophy of St. Anne Preschool

        St. Anne Preschool is set up to serve the needs of young children by offering them experiences adapted to what is now known about growth needs for three, four and five year old children.  Our preschool nurtures the child in all phases of development - social, emotional, spiritual, and physical - sharing with the parents the responsibility for promoting sound growth in a period where growth is rapid and important.  Christian principles are reinforced throughout our program, strengthening self-image and promoting each child as one of God’s special people.

We hope each child attending our preschool will develop a love for learning. The activities and experiences offered to the children each day they attend will be varied, fun-filled and always age appropriate.

Our main goal at St. Anne Preschool is to develop the following skills in each child: positive self esteem, positive social interaction, making good choices, following simple rules, functioning successfully in a group setting, developing creativity and promoting academic growth.

St. Anne Preschool

375 Hickory Street
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Phone: (610) 868-7513

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